“Why Participate in Healthcare Market Research?” with Dr. Jordan Frey

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Introducing Dr. Jordan Frey, a plastic surgeon, influential blogger, and a valued member of M3 Global Research panel.

In this video interview, Dr. Jordan Frey, plastic surgeon, shares his story about how he got into medicine as a career, developments within the medical field, and why he believes it is important to participate in healthcare market research.

Dr. Jordan Frey - plastic surgeon

Dr. Jordan Frey - Plastic Surgeon, USA

Dr. Jordan Frey is a plastic surgeon working in Buffalo, New York. Married, with two children, he is also the founder of The Prudent Plastic Surgeon a successful blog focused on providing advice to the medical community about the importance of personal and financial well-being.

In the interview, Dr. Jordan Frey highlights the value of healthcare market research and how he uses it to stay informed about the latest trends and developments within his medical field, ensuring the best possible outcomes for his patients. He also speaks candidly about physician burnout and his advice for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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If you´re not an M3 member yet, make sure to register for free to get invitations to paid market research studies within your medical field and M3´s exclusive referral programs.
If you´re not an M3 member yet, make sure to register for free to get invitations to paid market research studies within your medical field and M3´s exclusive referral programs.


    1. I am amazed and happy to be part of this survey. I think is informative and a tool to discovery things that could change the world for better.

  1. This was very informative really made me interested in the new technology they come out for medicine it’s plenty of ways to explore the medical field just got to jump in it

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